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65″ Sony Bravia 4K Android TV Unboxing & Review (Big Screen Banding Explained)

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Unboxing the XBR-65X850C, sony’s mid level 4K resolution “Ultra HD” 3D flatscreen LCD television with Google Android TV.

This is a prime example of an edge case experience, this time with Sony Corporation. It’s my 3rd replacement and 4th total Sony Bravia big screen TV.

TV Models tested and reviewed:
KDL65W850C (2X)

The first 3 TVs were a huge let down, and this big screen 4K tv ended up being a let down as well. I was excited in the video not to see much banding, but as I watched some shows on Netflix and played a couple of Xbox One games, I noticed terrible light leakage on both sides of the screen.

I went to 5 TV stores and ran the same banding test on LG & Samsung screens and found the same amount of banding and general lack of screen uniformity on the display models.

Comment if you have a big screen whether or not you’ve found similar issues with banding/dirty screen, lack of uniformity or light leakage.

Banding test video to run on your TV:

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