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Best 4K TV 2017 – LG OLED W vs Samsung Quantum Dot QLED vs Sony Bravia OLED

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Between LG, Sony and Samung, who has the best 4K TV of 2017???
LG OLED vs Samsung Quantum Dot QLED vs Sony Bravia OLED

We traveled to CES 2017 to see the entire line-up of Top of the line 4K televisions.

Samsung debuted their new QLED TV’s with striking lifelike picture quality, and ultra-thin seamless design. The models they showed were the 88″ Q9F TV and 65″ Q8C, they both had stunning image quality with deep blacks, ridiculous color detail and blistering brightness. They also demonstrated their innovative Optical Cable feature, the striking Easel and Gravity TV stands to match any rooms decor with a variety mounting options.

LG stole the show with the debut of the new OLED W, this ultra thin TV looks like a large smartphone hung on your wall. The TV measures just 8.5 mm in thickness and attaches to your wall with magnets, what is this, the future! It will be available in 65-inch and 77-inch screen sizes with a separate Dolby Atmos sound bar. For 2017, LG has improved the brightness and they are now HDR compatible with HDR10 and Dolby Vision compliance. LG also demonstrated their LG OLED E7 and LG Signature OLED G7 and are huge improvements over the E6 and G6 model.

Sony entered the market and wowed the crowd with the all new Bravia A1 Series OLED, these TV’s are available in 65-inch and 77-inch screen sizes. They support HDR with Dolby Vision HDR and their all new Sony X1 Extreme picture processor, for dare I say it, leading picture quality. If that weren’t enough, the most unique feature of this set comes with its sound; there are no speakers attached to the panel. The TV uses a transducer to use the screen surface as the speaker! To say we were impressed is an under statement.

LG OLED W 65″ and 77″
Samsung Quantom Dot QLED 88″ Q9F TV and 65″ Q8C
Sony Bravia A1E OLED 4K 65″ and 77″

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