Corum Ti-Bridge PVD Limited Edition Luxury Watch Review

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The Corum Ti-Bridge PVD Limited Edition – one of 250 – brings Corum’s legendary “Golden Bridge” model into the 21st century. The new sporting reference combines modern materials and aesthetics with its famous forebear’s lithe linear movement to create a watch that cannot help but draw admirers and animate conversations. There is no Rolex that can rival the visual impact of this avant garde statement in grade 5 titanium.

From the depths of the Quartz Crisis, Corum and master watchmaker Vincent Calabrese summoned the Golden Bridge of 1980. In spite of public perceptions that mechanical watches were relics, the sheer beauty of the skeletonized linear drive train created a sensation and drove many luxury buyers back to the romance of the mechanical movement.

As with that seminal model, the T-Bridge PVD features all mechanical elements arrayed in sequence from the 72-hour mainspring barrel at one end to the chattering escapement at the other. More than a poem in titanium, brass, and synthetic ruby, the caliber CO 007 movement is the ultimate instructional tool for explaining the principals behind a mechanical movement.

More than any online animation or abstruse diagram, the daisy chain of the Ti-Bridge’s movement parts perfectly describes the journey from spring energy to the “tick-tock” action that drives the hands. For fans of traditional luxury watches, it’s like a sacred article for converting new initiates to the cult of the mechanical watch.

And with a rubber strap, grade 5 titanium case, and 5-ATM water resistance, this Corum Ti-Bridge PVD Limited Edition is one versatile machine. Unlike previous Golden Bridge iterations, the Ti-Bridge is designed for daily use and casual handling. A versatile timepiece, this jet-black Corum T-Bridge is formal enough to accompany a suit and hardy enough to wear on the weekend. is proud to offer this rare Corum Ti-Bridge PVD limited edition in outstanding condition with factory boxes and extensive accessories. All elements of the PVD finish are intact and present as new. Video and content by Tim Mosso.

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