Invicta Men’s Quinotaur Mechanical Skeletonized Russian Diver Watch Review (3843, 3845, 3468, 3469)

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This is hands down the best and most expensive watch I own. Based on the massive attention, astonishment, bewilderment and shock I have received from this watch, I really don’t see the need to get another watch any time soon.

When I was working in the club district, there were guys that had $10,000+ watches that would tuck their tales between their legs and scurry along when they saw the godzilla size rose gold clock on my wrist. In case you’re wondering… rose gold is regular gold with a dash of copper in it to give it a reddish/pinkish tone, hence the name rose gold.

The rose tone/black gun metal version (Model No. 3845) I bought was an Anniversary Edition item so I am not sure if they are available for sale anymore.

However, you can get the gold and stainless steel version (Model No. 3469) at::

Be care guys, if you don’t want jaw dropping attention, eye popping shock and awe, etc. I simply recommend you stick with the chrome and stainless steel version (Model No. 3468) which is just as incredibly beautiful in design except without the extra love and attention from the gold plating:

Also, be careful about letting other people windup the watch for you. For some mysterious and unknown reason, people get a kick out of watching all the intertwining gears interact and move as they wind up the watch. A full windup lasts about 3 days so when I was wearing it everyday for work at the clubs, I would wind it up every other day.

There is also a stainless steel and black gun metal version (Model No. 3843) that was made at the same time as my Rose Gold version as part of the Anniversary Edition collection which looks really bad ass as well.

One last note… all these skeletonized Russian Divers use red rubies for all the gear ball bearings because rubies were hard, smooth, and could last a long time.

The only bad thing about these skeletonized Russian Divers is that once you get one, it will be very tough to find another more stunningly beautiful watch.

I hope you derive as much enjoyment out of this watch as I did. Please come back and leave a comment after you get the watch and let the rest of us know how you like it. Enjoy!!!

Someone emailed me and asked about the gold Nixon watch I mentioned in the video that was comparable to this Invicta but not skeletonized and here it is:

(Update on 09-20-13) If the above link is sold out, you can also try this link:

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