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Invicta Pro Diver 20478 – This is why I hate Invicta!

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I never thought it my wildest dreams(and some of those include midgets) that this video review would cause such an uproar on both sides of the Invicta argument. We are all entitled to our opinions and that’s the beauty of YouTube. I apologize(just trying to be civil actually) if this video review touched a nerve with the Invicta Army out there but you folks surely know that Invicta does not have the greatest reputation. Invicta has some VERY SHADY pricing techniques, hit and miss quality, durability issues and some VERY GAUDY watches. I am simply giving my opinion and if you don’t like my opinion or don’t agree with it, that’s fine. I’m sure there are many other videos that slobber all over Invicta so feel free to watch one of those 🙂 I just have to inform people of the FACTS and if someone can avoid buying an Invicta from watching my review that puts a smile on my face 🙂

Thanks to Felix Culpa below! Here is the link to the Better Business Bureau’s “F” rating of The Invicta Watch Company Of America: http://www.bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/watches-dealers/invicta-watch-company-of-america-in-hollywood-fl-27002445 Thanks again Felix!!! Hopefully now some folks will finally realize that Invicta is CRAP!

Here it is on Invicta’s site for the ridiculous MSRP of $1495.00: http://invictawatch.com/collections/view-model/20478-pro-diver

Here it is @ Costco for $149.99(was $79.99 during Christmas): http://www.costco.com/Invicta-Pro-Diver-Men’s-Stainless-Steel-Watch.product.100223213.html

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