Is The Apple Watch Worth The Money $? (Apple Watch Review After 4 Months)

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buy an apple watch here if interested:

You got an apple watch (wife calls it iwatch lol) what does it do? Undefined yet
38mm $350 42mm $399
What features drew me to the apple watch?
Health kit
Functionality, Design, Apps
Messages to wife
siri talk to text
* Note – am a person that doesn’t wear a watch normally
Easy to configure, fun sync method
Design is sleak
watch band is market changing innovation, similar to how the headphones have been.
don’t need to unlock when on wrist.
Fun magnetic charging device
Can take phone calls, audio is crystal clear on receiving end
unlike most devices, it is not a device you should touch a lot. Easy to get notifications or request info without touching screen or buttons.
Constent evolution with App integration in the future
Fun customizable watch faces
You can use watch to take pics on your phone remotely
Dedicated Apple Watch app to customize, find apps
Fast when it is fast

Now For The Cons:
Contacts are prefilled in, even with home #s, not easily removable
For sports model, health kit is very confusing. Steps are much less than fitbit
activity may be smarter than competition, but feels less rewarding
not having a display, the watch lays on the nighstand, would be nice to have it placed on a stand.
You can only take calls really when you are alone, no headphone plugin, (maybe has bluetooth for headset?)
wrist sensor turns off when you want it on, and on when you want it off.
AppleID confusion. Same AppleID on wife’s phone, I text her, it works, I use the sketch, it sends it to myself. Super frustrating.
Military time was difficult to set up, cant do it from watch.
Heartbeat message is difficult to use
impersonal replies. You are left with auto responding stupidly, sounding like Brick from Anchorman. “OK”, “Thanks” etc. Yes you can config, but time consuming.
Size, like the iphone, it took apple years to introduce a larger sized model, the 42mm is not big enough for a large person.
Can’t tell if you have apps opened or closed on watch.
slow when it is slow.
“hey Siri” text Ryan… get propted with “which Ryan”
Sketch feature is sketchy. Cant tell if it was sent, or when to stop
You get notifications from apps that you can’t do anything but dismiss. Then it dismisses the notification from your phone and you forget about it next time you use your phone
checking watch in social settings definitly comes across as RUDE.

Does it work as advertised?
Sort of. Yes but not without much frustration configuring iphone and watch contacts, AppleIDs, apps appropriately

Will I use my phone less with the Apple watch?
No. Heavy usage on social media, it is not a viable alternative to the phone. You can’t interact appropriately and talk to your watch to reply to tweets, emails, msgs, in a loud environment.
If you are alone often, maybe it will be useful replying back to others.

Is the Apple Watch worth the $?
Depends on consumer
Never buy G1 apple products and expect perfection
Still undefined, will evolve.
Final Answer, not at this time.

After using for 4 months:
I forget to wear my watch at least 2-3 days a week
Only use Siri when I am alone, never in a social setting, which makes it less useful.
50% of the time I ask “Hey Siri” the watch either 1 – shuts off mid sentence, 2- requires me to confirm by pressing the interface (useless when driving)
Battery lasts 2 days tops. (good or bad)
best part is having meetings displayed on home screen
Health Kit is useless / confusing, wore fitbit and watch, 6k steps vs 1.5k steps reported
I never use any of the applewatch apps.

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