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LG 42LB5600 1080p LED TV Review | LG 32LB5600 Review | LG 39LB5600 Review | LB5600 Series TV Review

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This video: LG LB5600 Series LED TV Review. Here we will be reviewing the LG LED TV Series that includes the LG 42LB5600 , the LG 32LB5600 and the LG 39LB5600 LED 1080p 60Hz TVs.

Link to the LG 32LB5600 TV: http://amzn.to/1xiTcMe

Link to the LG 39LB5600 TV: http://amzn.to/1FWxwdR

Link to the LG 42LB5600 TV: http://amzn.to/1Ea1QPO

Link to the LG LB5800 Smart TVs: http://amzn.to/1CaXIT7

Today we’re going to be looking at the LG LB5600 series of LED TVs. Our test unit today is the 42 inch version, but the TV is also available in 32 inch (LG 32LB5600) and 39 inch screen (LG 39LB5600) sizes. Lets take a closer look at the LG LB5600.

The front of the LB5600 TV has a beautiful slim metallic bezel that surrounds its 1080p LED display and this gives the TV a more premium appearance. Definitely a refreshing change from the standard black bezels on most entry-level TVs. The remote’s IR sensor and a physical control switch are embedded on the bottom edge of the bezel. Unlike most TVs that have a single pedestal base, the 5600 series TVs have two stylish legs that are bolted to the back of the TV. The legs are very sturdy and keep the TV firmly planted on a flat surface. However, the legs are fixed and you can’t really adjust the TV’s viewing angle. If you choose to mount the Tv to a wall, there is a standard VESA mount on the back of the TV. And in terms of ports, the 42 inch version( LG 42LB5600) has an optical digital audio output port, composite RCA input ports, an HDMI port and the cable or antenna connector on the rear face. It also has an additional HDMI port and USB port on the right hand edge of the rear face. And for commercial customers who need to secure their TVs, there is a Kensington lock port below the power cable connector.

Remote Layout and feel

The remote is comfortable to use and all the major buttons are easy to access.

The settings menu and options are also very clearly laid out and navigating options and adjusting settings is fairly simple.

Content playback and sound quality

The TV’s image quality is fantastic; The color are all well-saturated, the images are sharp and this makes for a very pleasing viewing experience. The speakers also produce good quality audio, as you can see from this clip, where the volume level was set to about 60%.

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