New Rolex Yacht-Master (Blue Dial) Review – Should You Buy this Watch?

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Close – New Rolex Yacht-Master (Blue Dial) Review – Should You Buy this Watch?

In this video, I will be reviewing the new Rolex Yacht-Master with the blue sunray dial.

This men’s 40-mm Yacht-Master was released in 2012 to replace the previous, very successful model that had the silver platinum dial and insert on the bezel.

Even though the previous Yacht-Master was a beautiful watch, the new blue sunray dial makes this new Rolex really stand out in the luxury watch crowd.

Another big improvement Rolex made on this new Yacht-Master 1 model is on the clasp. The old clasp used a stamped design, but the new clasp puts the watch at a much higher level.

Beyond the standard Submariner, this new watch is a bit more “next level.” This is the watch I recommend many of my customers to buy who want something a bit more high end than the standard Sub.

It’s a very good choice because the watch, being silver on silver, matches with everything.

A bad thing about sporting the older Yacht-Master model is that although you might be sporting a nice, relatively new 2009 model on your wrist, many might think that you are wearing the much older 1999 model due to the similarity between the two watches.

With the new, blue-dial design, there’s no confusion whatsoever. Everyone will know you are wearing a new watch when they see it.

Depending on the year of the older model and who you are purchasing the watch from, you might be able to find it from about $5,500 to about $7,500.

The new Yacht-Master sunray blue dial models retails for around $12,000 if you buy it an an authorized dealer (AD), which I don’t recommend!

The way to get the most value for your investment on this Rolex is to buy it pre-owned. If you do, you are looking at a price that may be around $9,200.

If you’re thinking about buying a nice Rolex watch near the 9,000-dollar area, the new Yacht-Master is a good choice. It is pretty versatile and all of my customers love it.

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