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Suunto Vector Watch Review

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The original, groundbreaking Suunto Vector watch now represents amazing value for money. Originally designed for cross country skiers, hikers and climbers, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts continue to use the Vector week in, week out on their treks and adventures.

The altimeter is ideal for when you are out and about, it can be helpful in accurately pinpointing your location on a map as well as encouraging you to monitor yourself and others around you when at high altitudes and Acute Mountain Sickness might be a risk.

The barometer is ideal for helping you make a descision where the weather might be concered, if it is about to take a turn for the worst you might not take the longest route while if it is looking brighter you can make the most of your time on the hill while you are up there.

The countdown timer is super handy if you have desires to beat a personal best while the stopwatch is great for recording your speed hiking efforts as well as a multitude of other sports such as swimming, running and cycling.

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