The History of Certina Watches

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A quick overview of the history of Certina watchs, as if it was told by Alfred Kurth, one of the founders.

We wanted to make a timepiece that is reliable and robust. Today Certina is the modern concept of sportiness.

My name is Alfred Kurth and this is Certina’s story. In the second half of 19th century, the watch industry is established in the Kanton Solothurn, a former farmer village Grenchen becomes a global center for watchmaking.

1888 in my parents’ home my brother begins to make watch parts. I join him a couple of years later. The company is named Kurth Freres.

By 1906 we are in a position to create complete timepieces and of the highest technical quality. They are called Grana, which is derived from Latin. We are one of the first to offer wristwatches. Modern factories are being build all over Switzerland, our factory is gradually expanding. The second generation of Kurth Freres strategically focus on manufacturing complete timepieces. For this reason, Certina is launched on the market. Certina the reliable watch, a brand for the world. Switzerland exports 95% of watches.

Certina is deemed a global success.

In 1959 the DS concept is introduced. Double security stands for shock-resistance that has never been seen before and high water-resistance, this is constructed in-house. A precise elastic shock absorbent ring results in a floating movement build in to our highly resistant watchcase, doubly secured, the DS will be the most resistant watch in the world. The turtle is the best symbol for protection against water and against chocks.

Does the DS cope will all stresses and strands.

The first successful endurance test is completed in 1960, by a Swiss team climbing the Dhaulagiri for the first time. Extreme differences in pressure, height and temperature, the DS is a reliable and faithful companion. It is hardly surprising that it provides the best service when skydiving. The watch also gains top marks in experiments above and below water. In mountains, freefall or in water the Certina DS passes all practical tests. Each endurance test should be crowned with success, where can this be better demonstrated than in sport. Certina is a benchmark for timekeeping, the link between people and the highest technical requirements. Certina establishes itself as a sporting brand, motorsport is particularly sponsored.

In 2005 Certina joins Formula-1. Certina is a founding member of today’s Swatch Group, the watches quality requirements have remained the same: Water-restraint, scratch-resistant crystal and shock-resistant.

The Certina brand is booming, guaranteed with double security.

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